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Are you ready to learn more about your new BMW’s features?     
Congratulations on your new Ultimate Driving Machine. Now that you've spent some time behind the wheel, we're sure that you must have some questions about its many functions. That's why we created BMW Encore.

Did you know…
- You can make your BMW’s driving characteristics sportier, more efficient or comfortable, to match your driving mood.
- Your new BMW automatically notifies your BMW center when it needs service.
- In case of an accident, your BMW automatically alerts BMW Response Specialists, telling them what type of assistance is needed and for how many occupants.

We invite you to come back to your BMW center and learn about your vehicle’s many innovative features. Here, a BMW Genius will conduct refresher course on the most frequently used features and answer your questions. This is also a great opportunity to get to know your center of better, make the pros in service who will be caring for your BMW – even get a complimentary car wash.

Don't wait to make your appointment.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this unique opportunity. If you have not yet set a date from BMW Encore, we encourage you to call or visit your BMW center today. We guarantee you’ll be delighted at discovering all your BMW's amazing capabilities.
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