Delivery Clinic


It was no doubt a proud and exciting moment when you were handed the keys to your BMW. As part of that transition, you were offered an overview of its many features and options. Perhaps, like many of our clients, your experience of that handover orientation was blurred by the anticipation of getting behind the wheel. We certainly understand what that feels like!

We also know that a full appreciation of your BMW will come from having a detailed understanding of its systems and accessories. While it’s true you can learn those things from reviewing your operator’s manual – something we encourage – there’s another way which we think you’ll find a lot more fun: attending one of our Delivery Clinics.

Whether it has been days, months, or years since you took possession of your BMW, we invite you to come in for our informal and entirely interactive reorientation session, led by our experienced BMW Genius.

You’ll be provided with a description – and a demonstration – of the many attributes of your Ultimate Driving Machine, such as Heads-Up Display,
Active Cruise Control, iDrive, and Voice Activation. There will be ample time for any specific questions you might have.
BMW Genius

Delivery Clinics begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. typically on alternate Saturdays [See calendar below] and will generally last about an hour. We invite to register below, but we also welcome any last-minute attendees.

Come join us for a fresh cup of gourmet coffee and a great conversation.



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