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The big news at Otto’s this summer is the introduction of the much-anticipated 4 Series, kick-started by a special all-day driving event here at the dealership on Tuesday, July 15th. Those who register and attend will have the opportunity to road test our entire BMW lineup, including the stunning new 428 and 435 coupes and convertibles, and by doing so, will receive a $1000 allowance toward their choice of a new BMW. * (Just to be fair and balanced, we will have a few competing models on hand for your comparative evaluation.)

One of the best overviews of the new 4 Series appeared in Car and Driver:

Replacing the much-loved BMW 3-series coupe (the 3-series designation applies now only to the sedan), the 4-series has some big wheels to fill. We are happy to report that it is up to the task. In fact, it’s so good, it made our 10 Best list for 2014. The 4 is livelier than its predecessor, thanks to improved steering, a more responsive suspension, and a lower center of gravity. Fewer doors with more sportiness? We’ll take that trade-off anytime. was no less adulatory, writing that “…the 4 Series, with its excellent handling and performance, eye-catching styling and best-in-class interior room, strikes us as the most complete and desirable luxury sport coupe and convertible available…” [emphasis added]

But these are conclusions best arrived at on an individual basis, and we hope you will join us on July 15th to make your own assessment. To receive the $1000 allowance, you must be sure to register – either online (click here) or at the dealership – and participate in the driving event itself. Not that you’ll need further inducement to stop by, we do plan to have an array of tasty edibles to mark the celebration.

* The $1000 allowance may be applied toward the lease or purchase of any new BMW, but must be used before September 30, 2014.
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John Dallas Bowers