Monthly Message

December turned out to be a crazy-good month here at Otto’s, both for the dealership and especially our customers. We had a range of aggressive sales incentives which put BMWs of every description in driveways throughout our region. There were smiles all around the Delaware Valley and many very happy faces on Christmas morning.

That was such a great experience that we decided to keep the momentum going here in the new year, and currently have over 200 specially-priced vehicles ready for new homes immediately. Can you picture one in your garage?

The range of models is comprehensive and the savings substantial, and given that every one of our BMWs in stock has all-wheel-drive, whatever you choose will be season-suitable.

For those who can’t wait for spring, we have the gorgeous 428 and 228 convertibles, both weather-worthy and performance proficient, regardless of road conditions. And as many have discovered to their delight, there is something special about drop-top cruising along our country roads on crisp, sunny days, with nothing but endless blue sky overhead.

Here’s a special note for those of you still in the exploratory phase of BMW-shopping. We have a cadre of car specialists whose ONLY job is to introduce you to any model which interests you, and explain and demonstrate its features. These members of our Genius Team are NOT sales people, and are here exclusively to familiarize you with our various models and help you find the one perfect for you.

So while these wall-to-wall incentives are still with us, we encourage you to call us, stop by our dealership or contact us through this website. We are committed to making that slightly-delayed Christmas wish come true. It’s what Santa does – at least here at Otto’s.
Copy by:
John Dallas Bowers