Monthly Message

One of the most exciting model introductions we’ve had in a long time here at the dealership happened back in May at our day-long “All Electric BMW i3 Event.” Curious customers and motivated prospects marveled at the unique design, surprising performance, and eco-versatility of this amazing vehicle. In the months since, it has distinguished itself as the leader in this slightly rarified but increasingly popular mode of alternative transportation.

Before we say more, if you haven’t seen it – and driven it – we urge you to stop by our showroom and take one out for a silent spin you’ll never stop talking about.

BMW was not the first to manufacture an all-electric car, but it was definitely the first to come up with one worthy of its name and heritage. The i3 is truly unique, and yet embodies many of the traits common to its petrol-powered siblings. And with the option of a compact fuel tank and twin-cycle motor, drivers are no longer tethered to their outlets, and can enjoy driving ranges in triple digits.

The automotive press has been duly and appropriately impressed:

o “It's not an overstatement to say that the i3 is one of the most significant vehicles ever introduced by BMW…”

o “You may think you know what a BMW is, but the i3 could shake you to your core. The new and revolutionary i3 requires rethinking all of your notions about what actually constitutes a BMW, both the car and the brand. The five-door subcompact is probably the most advanced car the Bavarian company sells…”

o “…attractive design, alluring interior, sprightly performance and, best of all, [the i3] has what it takes to appeal to people who like driving cars.”

The media and driving enthusiasts are having their say, but it is really your opinion that counts. We encourage you to come in for a test drive soon, and experience first-hand the revolutionary nexus of zero-emissions and BMW excellence.
Copy by:
John Dallas Bowers