Monthly Message


To those of you whose judicious temperament has led you to delay the acquisition of your next BMW, may we say: CONGRATULATIONS! We have now come to that perfect pivot point in the year when our 2014 models have reached their optimum price points, and your choice to defer your decision until now will be well rewarded.

As you might anticipate, our ever-enlarging inventory of 2015 models has made it all the more important to find good homes for our holdovers as quickly as possible. The key from your standpoint is to act decisively. Our supply of these vehicles is limited in number and configuration – and changes daily – so we urge you to CLICK HERE now for a real-time review of your 2014 options.

From a look back to a look into the future, we are pleased to invite you to stop by the BMW exhibit at the 2015 Philadelphia Show, running January 31st through February 8th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This year we have a prime spot in the southeast corner of the hall, and our Client Advisors will be on hand to greet and guide you through the dazzling display of automotive excellence.

This year the spotlight will be on the i3 and i8, BMW’s fusion of forward-leaning electric/hybrid technology and performance second to none. Much has been made in the automotive press about these two additions to the BMW line, and yet even that fulsome praise can’t quite capture the experience of seeing (and more importantly, driving) these two cars.

So Happy New Year to all our clients, friends, and visitors to our website. We hope those of you within driving distance of the dealership will stop by soon, and to everyone else, we look forward to connecting with you right here!

Copy by:
John Dallas Bowers