To our customers and visitors who have been so patient during our expansion and renovations, we are delighted to report that we just reached a major milestone: the opening of our new Service Center. Located on the adjacent property just to the south of our showroom, this brand new facility houses our state-of-the-art, BMW-Certified shop as well as our team of seasoned Service Advisors.

While a bit of finishing work remains, we think you will love the new look. As soon as you enter the building, you’ll be greeted by an unobstructed view of our technicians at work, an experience one customer likened to watching a fine meal being prepared in one of those open-kitchen restaurants. You will then be guided to sign in at the Service Desk and be greeted by your Service Advisor. As always, you’ll be welcome to wait for your BMW or arrange for a loaner.

It’s true there are miles to go before all signs of construction have vanished, but we’re delighted that this major piece of the project is now very much open for business.

The other good news is an immediate but short-term sales opportunity on the X5, perennially one of the most highly regarded and exciting BMWs in our vast inventory. Full details are available through any of our Client Advisors or simply by texting a BMW Genius using the link at the bottom of this page.

If you’d like to have a bit of anticipatory fun, we encourage you to scroll through the many five-star reviews of the X5 on the various automotive websites. Click here to read the adulatory feedback on Edmunds.com, for example, including the two-word summary by a very pleased Robert DiGiorgio: PERFECT RIDE!

We invite you to stop by the dealership and come to your own conclusion. But do it soon, during our limited-time X5 sales opportunity

Copy by:
John Dallas Bowers

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