We don’t believe in burying the lede, so here’s the takeaway for this month’s message: if you’ve been considering a BMW X1, X3, or X5, this is the time to act. There are currently big savings available on all those models here at Otto’s through a limited-time promotional program. Click here to review the specifics.

Now to whet your appetite even more, here’s a bit of history on these versatile vehicles.

Heads turned at the 1999 Detroit Road Show when BMW unveiled the first X5. It was the company’s opening bid for buyers seeking the cargo-hauling and off-road practicality of an SUV, matched with the spirited performance that had long made the German marque so desirable.

Aggressive yet mannered, the X5 deserved – and received – its own distinctive designation: the world’s first Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). Patriotic American buyers and skilled South Carolinian autoworkers alike were delighted by the decision to build the X5 – and all later X models – here in the United States, re-animating our reputation for making truly fine automobiles.

In the years that followed, BMW upped the ante in this highly competitive niche by releasing Xs in all the numerical categories, each created with the specific variables sought by consumers: engine size, chassis design, cabin configuration, and road-handling characteristics. So successful and so loved by the automotive press, our Xs earned top honors in competitive assessments. We hope you’ll stop by as soon as possible – or contact us here online – to find and reserve your favorite.

In related news, those of you visiting our dealership as of mid-October will discover our completely redesigned showroom, open for your perusing pleasure. Along with the new Service Center, it’s another milestone in the most comprehensive expansion and reorganization in our 48-year history. We encourage you to come in for a cup of coffee, a light snack, and a look around at ever-evolving dealership.

Copy by:
John Dallas Bowers

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