Monthly Message

September allowed us to linger in the fantasy of an endless summer, but soon enough, October will be snapping us back to reality. A hard freeze may still be weeks away, but there’s no ignoring the chilly nights, dwindling daylight, and the ominous predictions of a winter more brutal than the last one.

The good news is that here at Otto’s, we have you covered, starting with a complimentary inspection of your BMW’s tires and fluid levels. Our Service Technicians will check tread wear, adjust the pressure as necessary, and report any anomalies that could affect reliability. In addition, they will top off all fluid reservoirs.

These are essential precautions for safe winter driving, and we are happy to perform these services as a courtesy to our customers. Just give us a call and we will set you up with a “while-you-wait” appointment at your convenience.

Do you have rueful memories of what it was like trying to navigate in last winter’s sequential snowfalls? We have you covered there as well, with a variety of snow tire and replacement wheel packages, specially priced for pre-season purchase. This promotion proved extremely popular last year, leading to an exponential increase in the sales of both tires and wheels. The key is to act now, however, before the snow arrives, because as we get closer to year’s end, these special packages will expire.

Rounding out our fall to-do list, may we suggest you consider a vehicle singularly suited to the challenges of winter weather, the all-wheel drive X1 xDrive Series. Whether you choose the thrifty-but-sporty four-cylinder or the straight-six turbo that will take you to 60 in just 5.3 seconds, this car is made for conditions that intimidate ordinary automobiles. Its high clearance, rugged build, and tuned performance for driving on or off-road means you sacrifice nothing to get the full BMW experience under any conditions.

So leave leaf-raking for another day and come test drive the X1. You’ll never want winter to end.
Copy by:
John Dallas Bowers