1987 BMW E24 M6 – Grandfather of the Modern M Car

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The front of a an E24 BMW M6

1987 BMW E24 M6 – Grandfather of the Modern M Car

The E24 M6 is the BMW Motorsport-developed version of the E24 6 Series. It uses the M88 or S38 twin-cam 24-valve inline-six cylinder engine first introduced in the legendary BMW M1. The S38, being the “clean” catalyst version of the M88 motor, was introduced to allow E24 M6s sold in the United States, Canada, and Japan to comply with stricter emissions regulations mandated by those governments.

The E24, designed by Paul Bracq, was the first generation of the 6 Series range of Grand Tourer (GT) cars and was produced from January 1976 to 1989. Originally, the bodies were manufactured by Karmann, but production was later taken in-house to the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing.

BMW M6 Engine BMW M6 Engine

The M6 lineage began in 1983 with the introduction of the M635CSi at the Frankfurt Motor Show and in most countries, the model was badged the M635CSi; however the equivalent model in North America and Japan was simply badged “M6” – both to simplify the name and to bring it in line with the other M models, specifically the M3 and M5. Although different engines were used for the different regions, the sole transmission for all models was a 5-speed Getrag 280 manual transmission. Other differences from regular E24 production cars included BBS RS wheels, a rear lip spoiler, larger front air dam, larger front brakes, and a revised sport suspension with a lower ride height.

E24 M6 with Red

Overall, there were only 5,855 M635CSi/M6 models built during a 5 year period (Feb. 1984 through Feb. 1989) – 1,767 of which were imported to North America (1,632 to the US and 135 to Canada). This particular M6 was produced in January 1987 and was purchased by Otto’s from the second owner with an amazing 18,584 miles on the odometer. It is in as original condition as the day it rolled off the production floor – and it is our plan to keep it that way!

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This M6 is part of our Private Ottos Collection, and is not for sale.

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