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  • Lisa Thompson
    General Manager
    (610) 399-6800

    For longtime customers who have known my brother and me from childhood, I think the fact that we're involved in our family business is both surprising - and the most natural thing in the world . It's no secret that our parents believed strongly in the idea of us getting experience elsewhere and establishing our professional credibility on our own, but having done that, I know we're both delighted and honored to be taking Otto's BMW/MINI into the next generation.

    I was born in Woodlyn. We moved to Concordville five years later, where I attended Garnet Valley grammar school, switching in seventh grade to Westtown School. Then came the College of Wooster in Ohio, where I graduated with an AB in political science and a minor in German. I was fortunate enough to spend a semester of my junior year in Vienna, which was a great learning experience and deepened my appreciation for travel and seeing other cultures.

    I took a year off before entering law school, and got my first taste of working here at Otto's - mostly in service reception, but also filling in wherever I was needed. I then went to Franklin Pierce Law Center, which is now part of the University of New Hampshire, where I specialized in intellectual property. I also took a lot of courses on licensing, which turned out to be very useful when I found my real niche as an attorney, which was setting up Delaware holding companies for a law firm in Wilmington.

    I got married in 2000 and left the firm two years later to be at home for our first - and then second - child. But by 2009, with the kids in school, I was glad for the opportunity to work here part-time on several projects, including the oversight of our corporate sponsorships.

    My involvement accelerated when I went through the BMW-sponsored Six Sigma course and got my black belt certification. This is a great program that emphasizes continuous improvement, the reduction of inefficiencies, and getting the most out of your process without sacrificing quality, customer satisfaction, profitability, or workplace morale.

    Here at the dealership, it's helped us build an operational approach that emphasizes the importance of consistency and objectivity, rather than relying on assumptions, guesswork, or just the old ways of doing things. Our goal is to achieve measurable and predictable positive outcomes using the program's statistically-based analysis of key quality indicators. It's a work in progress, but the results have been encouraging.

    One aspect of my personality that definitely comes into play here is that as soon as I see something amiss, I feel the need to address it immediately. I don't like to let things languish. I jump in, roll up my sleeves, and try to get to the bottom of it. We believe in owning up to mistakes when they happen - and moving quickly and fairly to resolve them. We try very hard to make sure everyone's pleased.

    I run with friends most mornings of the week. It gives me an opportunity to stay connected, and it also means I don't have to deprive myself of things I love, like ice cream. My husband and I enjoy traveling, and we're active members of the community. We feel very invested - and love living here.

  • Wilmer Rodriguez
    Sales Manager
    (610) 399-4194

    I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved here in 1985 looking for a better life. My first job was doing landscaping and lawn maintenance for Radley Run, a local country club. A year later, I was hired by Scott Honda to work in the vehicle prep area, where I washed customers' cars that had been in for service and also detailed new cars for delivery.

    I was laid off in December 1992, but within two weeks had gotten a job here at Otto's doing the same sorts of things. After a couple of years, however, the dealership volume had increased to the point that it was no longer possible for our Sales Advisors to inspect and process the incoming vehicles on their own. It was at that point that I transferred to the sales department and became our "lot tender," checking over the cars as they came in from BMW, organizing them by model, and making sure they were nicely displayed on the lot.

    In May 2007, my responsibilities evolved once more when I was chosen for this position. As Pre-Owned Manager, I deal directly with customers who simply want to sell us their vehicle without purchasing another, plus I support our Sales Manager by preparing appraisals on trade-ins and getting those cars into the shop for reconditioning and certification.

    This is by far the best place I've ever worked. I love the people and I love my job. When I do have time off, my wife and I work on our house, cheer for our daughter at her soccer or basketball games, and on Sundays, spend time in church. It's a wonderful life and we really feel blessed.

  • Kevin Mahoney
    Sales Manager
    (610) 399-4197

    I grew up in Villanova and had an early fascination with automobiles. I subscribed to all the car magazines, basically devouring every issue as soon as it arrived. My brother and I had some old MGs we messed around with, and it was actually working on those cars that led me to buy one later in life.

    After high school, I went to Tulane University in New Orleans, where I got a degree in English. I assumed I'd follow in my father's footsteps into the law, but listening to him reflect on his career after his retirement led me to reevaluate my own future.

    Like many newly-minted college grads, I didn't really have a specific vision, so I headed to Los Angeles, thinking it would be a fun place to be, which it was. I did a few things while I was there, including attempting to open a restaurant with a couple of college chums. That turned out to be ill-timed, but it did wet my appetite to try again some day.

    After about eight years in LA, I felt it was time to get serious. I moved back East, got married, went into a training program, and spent the next seven years as a stock broker. I enjoyed the sales aspect of the job, but I was still hoping to connect with a product I really loved and believed in. Fortunately for me, I found that at Otto's.

    Everything aligns for me here: the emotional connection to the cars, the pleasure of working for the Vadasz family, and the convenience of living only three miles from the dealership. That short commute gives me what I really appreciate, which is more time to be home with my family.

    My priority as Sales Manager is helping customers find the perfect car for them. I'm always circulating on the floor, so whether it's connecting them with a Sales Advisor on their arrival, answering questions during the selection process, or helping out during the delivery of their BMW, I try to make sure I let every client know I want them to have the best experience possible here at Otto's - and that I'll do whatever I can to make that a reality.

    When the weather's warm, we're usually down in Maryland on our boat. We have a young daughter, and we like to swim in the upper bay. The boat is big enough to sleep on, so we'll usually take a week in the summer and head down to St. Michaels.  I'm also back into motorcycling, big-time. I currently have two BMW sport bikes, and if it's not snowing or raining, I'm using those to commute. I have a group I ride with, and we'll go out occasionally for a 250-mile day just looking for curvy roads far from urban areas.

    What I value about being here at Otto's is how it has led me to feel more entwined with this community. I go to the supermarket, I see our clients; I go to Costco, I see our clients; I go into West Chester for dinner, I see our clients. I really appreciate the sense of pride and connection that generates. I find it surprisingly fulfilling.

  • Rey Rodriguez
    Lot Attendant

  • Bradley Hoffman
    Client Advisor

  • Daniel Stangl
    Client Advisor
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  • Heath Cameron
    Client Advisor

    A friend once described my approach to life as "passionate participation," and I think it's true. Whether it's my commitment to my family, my involvement in sports, or selling these amazing automobiles, I am wired to go all out for the things that matter most to me.

    My dad was really into cars, and that sparked my interest. I remember he bought an Acura Legend when they first came out, which he loved, and when I was old enough, I got an NSX. I was really impressed with its engine - I thought it sounded like a Formula One - and it remained my favorite car until I discovered BMWs.

    I was born in New London, Connecticut, but moved to Downingtown with my parents when I was ten. After high school, I studied photography at Drexel University and worked in the restaurant business, first as a waiter and then bartender. That's when I first realized I was a bit of a natural around customers, finding the interaction really satisfying.

    One day a friend at a local car dealership put it together for me, basically saying "you like automobiles, you'll love selling them." I got a job there, and it turned out he was right. It was also there that I bought my first BMW, a 2000 328 coupe stick shift. I was impressed by the styling and sportiness, and of course, with its reputation. 

    It wasn't long before I realized this was the car I wanted to sell, and after a few months of hounding the manager here at Otto's, a position opened up in January 2005. It's been great, particularly since we launched our Exton dealership and I get to work here where I grew up. It's really comfortable for me.

    And that's my approach with customers - comfortable. I never push, but instead listen carefully, using my instincts and experience to help them find the model best suited to their priorities. They seem to appreciate my enthusiasm and product knowledge.

    When I'm not selling, I'm all about sports. I am addicted to mountain biking and snowboarding, and the best is when those seasons overlap. Once I went heli-boarding in British Columbia, which was quite a rush. And while my wife and daughters don't go to those extremes, they definitely enjoy sharing the sport - and the travel - with me.

  • Ian Martin
    Client Advisor
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  • Ian Welsh
    Client Advisor
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    Like a number of others who work here at Otto's, my interest in automobiles goes back to my childhood. I remember always being around my dad as he restored cars and motorcycles, and because he worked in sales for Porsche-Audi-Volkswagen for 37 years, we always had the latest models in our driveway. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when I ultimately followed in his footsteps.

    But that wasn't my original career trajectory. After graduating from Downingtown High School, I went to a technical institute for criminal investigation with the full intention of going into law enforcement. Working several years at Chester County Prison, however, made me realize I was looking for something more creative and people-oriented, and where my income would be related to effort and achievement.

    It was at that point that I connected the dots with what I had seen my dad do so successfully for so many years and went to work selling VWs at a multi-franchise dealership in the area. I was finally able to combine my love of German cars with my enjoyment of engaging and interacting with people. It turned out to be a perfect fit, and when they replaced VW with BMW, I just moved over and started selling those.

    The transition to Otto's in July 2013 was the final piece of the puzzle. A third-generation family dealership, it's a great place to work, and it's very nice to have the owners here and part of the day-to-day operation, something our clients really seem to appreciate. They've created an ideal environment for the selection and servicing of your BMW, and provided the staff with the technology, tools, and processes to succeed.

    While connecting customers with the BMW of their dreams is obviously the objective, my focus is doing what I can to help them feel relaxed and comfortable at each step along the way. For me, it's more about talking to them as new friends rather than simply prospects, which in turn makes everything more fun - which it should be.

    I've always loved to sing, and while I'm not in a band, a number of my friends are, so when the opportunity presents itself, I'll join them on stage for a set of rock classics from the 70s and 80s. I'm a husband and father of two young children, however, so virtually all of my free time is spent with the family. We stick close to home but do try to make it down to the Outer Banks once a year.

    As a dad, I'm keenly aware of how important my own father has been as a mentor, and my goal is to teach my own children everything I learned from him, including how to drive a manual transmission BMW!

  • Jay Miller
    Client Advisor
    (610) 399-4152

    I was born and raised in the Lancaster County area. After college, I worked at a VW-Porsche-Audi dealer in Lancaster until I left to start my own company transporting high-line vehicles in the Mid-Atlantic region. A couple of years later, however, I decided I really wanted to get back into the activity of a dealership, and with my family history, BMW was the natural choice.

    I was actually the ultimate BMW baby, having been born just as my mother was being lifted from our 1600 Alpina onto a gurney. Dad still has that '67 Alpina, and has added a number of other BMWs over the years, mostly M cars. My first automobile was also a Bimmer - a 1976 2002.

    Our family had been in the furniture business since 1820, but growing up my dad always had an interest in cars. He had a shop where he restored and repaired vehicles, and throughout the late sixties and early seventies he competed in a lot of road races, hill-climbs, and MINI stocks. I'm a big Formula One fan, and have been following the sport since I was a kid.

    Here at Otto's, my style of presentation bridges the early "enthusiasts-only" days to now, where BMWs are viewed and widely admired as the world's best luxury sports vehicles. I like to talk to people, find out what's important to them, and put them in the right car. I strive hard to make sure my clients find the perfect automobile for their needs and desires. It's important to me that they're completely satisfied with the entire process.

    Beyond my family and Motorsport, my passions include traveling, mountain biking, and visiting vineyards, both here and abroad.

  • John Menzione
    Client Advisor

  • Justice Mogano
    Client Advisor
    (610) 399-4175

    This is the best job I've ever had, and yet there's no way I could have predicted the path that led me here. I grew up loving engines, engineering and mechanics, and helping my dad do basic service on his 1969 Mercedes convertible.

    After I got out of high school, I had no clear sense of my best next step. I gave some thought to the military, but I also loved music and considered playing professionally. What I actually did was to enroll at St. Joseph's University, and to give me some real-world perspective, including the value of higher education, my dad got me a job with my uncle's construction firm. Pouring concrete for the next few summers convinced me to get my degree, a decision I've never regretted.

    After graduation I joined Fresh Fields - now Whole Foods - as a manager trainee, where I learned how their stores operate, and then went on to become a butcher and ultimately the Meat Department Manager. Motivated partly by a desire to avoid hand injuries, I decided to leave the food industry and get my first sales job with Lucent Technology. Cold-calling door-to-door was tough work, but I persevered and became their top performer. I learned great lessons about motivation, self-discipline, and surviving rejection - all very useful life skills.

    Lucent hit hard times around 9/11 and I was among those laid off. Fortunately, I knew someone who knew the sales manager here at Otto's, and in 2001 I signed on as a greeter. After extensive training, I became a Client Advisor, a position I hope to hold for the foreseeable future.

    Coming from a modest background, I really hadn't encountered the sort of clientele we have here. I was struck not only by their affluence and level of education, but also the graciousness in our interactions. I think those things, as well as the decency and commitment shown by our owners toward customers and staff, are what I've found most appealing about this dealership.

    I live in West Chester. I see my customers everywhere I go, and a lot of them have become real friends. For example, I've been playing pick-up soccer with a very diverse bunch of guys here in Chester County since 2005, and every year we go abroad to compete with senior teams internationally. Otto's has always been our sponsor, something I find pretty amazing. We're known as the Soccer Olde Boys - or as we refer to ourselves, the SOBs.

    I love recording music and have a studio in my home. My former band mates and I get together and make demos, but I think our days of playing publicly are behind us. For us at this point, it's really about having a good time with a fun hobby.

  • Ralph Nofsinger
    Client Advisor
    (610) 399-4191

    As is famously true for many born in the Philadelphia area, I grew up here and never left. My family and I lived in Delaware County until I was about eight, at which point we moved to Chester County, where I've been ever since.

    After I graduated from Henderson High, I realized I wasn't really a motivated student, so instead of going on to college, I started looking for a job. I did a few different things at first, but in my mid-twenties, decided to follow my passion for automobiles and applied for a position at a Pontiac-Buick dealership in Exton.

    It was there that I found out how much I enjoy helping people through the process of buying a car. I discovered I have a gift for listening carefully and using that information to offer whatever level of guidance and advice my customers are seeking. I've been successful with that balanced approach, and because clients seem to appreciate it, I'm still doing that today.

    After the dealership in Exton, I worked for about 15 years at Faulkner Pontiac, Buick and GMC Truck, and then went into the insurance business for awhile. It wasn't too long, however, before I decided to come back to my automotive roots by taking a sales position here at Otto's in 2004. The rest, as they say, is history. I love this place, and have no plans to leave.

    I've come to realize a number of things set Otto's apart from the competition. One is the third-generation family ownership and hands-on management. With that steady leadership comes high standards that are never compromised. But even as our bedrock business principles remain consistent, this dealership has shown itself flexible and sure-footed in adapting to the market shifts that have been pretty challenging over the past few decades.

    One of the biggest changes since my arrival, of course, is the degree to which our customers have integrated the Internet into their pre-sales research. It actually has made my job more interesting and enjoyable. Our clients have generally done much of their own "due diligence" in figuring out the best match of model with their lifestyle priorities, which streamlines the process and makes it very pleasant.

    In my free moments, I love to talk baseball - and attend as many Phillies games as I can. Family responsibilities make long vacations difficult at this point, but I look forward to the time when I can indulge myself with the kinds of travel I used to really enjoy.

  • Scott Gately
    Client Advisor
    (610) 399-4163

    I grew up in North Jersey and got my degree in business management in 2006 from Lock Haven University. Going into my senior year, I looked at the rather bleak employment landscape and decided I needed to nail down a job. Several professors had recommended the Enterprise Rent-a-Car program, so I went through the interviews and secured a position a few months before graduation.

    The good news is that I did really well with the company, ultimately managing five stores and winning 20 consecutive sales awards. The bad news is that the hours were grueling, the pay was modest, and as is usually the case when people need to rent a car, customer attitudes were often a challenge, to say the least.

    I was fortunate in one way, however. My territory included West Chester, and I often found myself providing overflow loaner cars for Otto's. In working with various members of the management team here, I got very affirming comments about my initiative, dedication, and high level of customer service. They offered me a job on several occasions, but it wasn't until I finally decided to part ways with Enterprise that I applied and was hired as a Sales Advisor.

    In all candor, I wasn't sure this would be the "dream job" I'd been hoping to find, nor did it seem to be getting me closer to my ultimate goal of owning my own business. But the irony, of course, is that here I am years later, and to my great good fortune, it seems I stumbled upon something I'm good at and like doing.

    This position rewards me for hard work and still allows me to spend time with my family. And while before, it always seemed like I was seeing people on their worst day, here it's the precise opposite: my clients come in because they actively want a BMW, and for them, that makes it a really good day.

    Because of where and how I grew up, I find it easy to relate to our customers - and their love for BMWs. My goal is always to make the process fun, and to make sure it's not only a good buying experience but also an excellent owning experience.

    With the birth of my son, I've come to realize that being a father and husband is the best job in the world. Spending time as a family, whether at the beach or in our backyard, is absolutely the best.

  • AJ Jones
    BMW Genius

  • Brian Menda
    BMW Genius
    (610) 399-8061

    I have a number of different responsibilities here at Otto's, but surely one of the most satisfying is working with clients at the pivot point when they actually take delivery of their new or Certified Pre-Owned BMW. Whether it's their first or one of many, there is always a palpable sense of anticipated pleasure that never fails to prompt smiles all around.

    While our Client Advisors are usually the ones turning over the keys and giving an orientation on the vehicle, it's my rôle to step in during their absence. And 45 days later, when customers bring their cars in for their first service visit, I have another opportunity to answer any questions that may have arisen in the interim about any aspect of their BMW. I really enjoy those interactions.

    Stepping back, my story began outside Toronto, where I lived until I was almost ten. At that point, my family moved down to this area, finally settling in Haverford. My interest in automobiles had surfaced when I was about seven. My brother and I really liked exotic cars and started building a collection of the model versions. As we got older (and bolder), we worked up the courage to visit some area dealerships simply to walk around the Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Looking back, I realize the sales people were very patient with us.

    My first real connection to BMW came when I interned at a local dealership, shadowing a number of different people within the company and getting a thorough idea of the inner workings of a premium car dealership. It was a great job, driving all those beautiful performance cars - and picturing one in my future. The next step toward that goal was getting my B.A. in management from Gettysburg College. During two of those four summers, I had a job at MINI of the Main Line, where I manned the phones in the service department and scheduled appointments. It was fascinating to learn the business up close as well as the technology behind the cars.

    After graduation I tried several sales and administrative positions, none of which was a fit. Deciding to be more focused and pro-active, I signed up on Career Builder and almost immediately saw an opening here at Otto's. I was hired in August 2012 with an eye to becoming a Client Advisor, but realized I was more suited to helping new and existing customers maximize their ownership experience.

    I've enjoyed being around cars all my life, but it's taken a little time to find the right match for my particular passion, which is teaching people about things I like - and know a lot about. I have Otto's to thank for giving me this opportunity to do just that.

    In my free time, I enjoy working on my car and hanging out with friends. At some point I hope to get a pre-owned Z4 or maybe a late 80s or early 90s Porsche 911. That's been a dream for a long time.

  • David Sloan
    BMW Genius

  • Elena Visanescu
    BMW Genius

  • Steve Borden Jr.
    BMW Genius

  • Patrick Covell
    BDC Manager
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  • Benjamin Spezialetti
    BDC Coordinator
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  • Cristina Acosta
    BDC Coordinator

  • Dallas Reynolds
    BDC Coordinator
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  • Robin Gibbons
    Sales Admin/Lifestyles Boutique Advisor
    (610) 399-6800

    Being a greeter here at Otto's has pulled together some very positive threads of my story, one of which is a lifelong appreciation of nice cars. I grew up in Delaware County, and my dad, who worked at the Sun Oil Refinery, always managed to have at least one great American-made automobile in the driveway. I think my favorite was our 1976 Pontiac Gran Prix in Le Mans blue with a leather interior. That was a classic, and yes, I did get to drive it.

    Shortly after graduation from Chichester High School, I got married and was able to indulge my inherited trait at a whole new level with a series of family BMWs, a number of them acquired right here at Otto's. As a result of those experiences, I learned quite a bit about the various models and have stayed current as the new ones have been released.

    Another related piece of my story has been how the various jobs I've had have allowed me to do what I really love, which is meeting and getting to know people. I've worked in an insurance office, hosted home parties for selling jewelry and other items, was a receptionist at a hair salon, and was a sales rep for a men's custom shirt company. In each of those positions, it was my interaction with clients that made the jobs enjoyable.

    There's a funny story associated with my time at the hair salon that also ties into my narrative. The owner here used to bring his young children in to get their hair cut, and while that was going on, he and I would chat. It was fun connection, because my family always had BMWs and of course he had Otto's. Here we are, all these years later, and I'm in the same sort of job, only working for him. Both of his children are now adults and fully involved as managers in the BMW and MINI dealerships.

    What drew me here was my love of people and love of beautiful cars. While my primary responsibility is to get people to where they need to go, I do get a chance to chat while we're in the process of checking them in. My goal is to show them we're a friendly, family-run business, one that actually cares about them. When clients come through the door, I hope they feel welcome and at home. I hope it's a place they'll recommend - and return to.

    I like to spend time outside. I love the beach, and look forward to living in Florida someday. For now, it's the Jersey shore in the summer and an annual trip to Ft. Myers, my ideal retirement spot. I also enjoy cycling and recently purchased a really good bike. There's a ton of nice trails in the area which I'm looking forward to exploring.


Judging by the smiles we see when we present our customers with their keys, taking delivery of a new BMW is surely one of life's sweet experiences. While some may try to contain their enthusiasm - perhaps prompted by a needless sense of decorum - it's hard to hide that look of excitement and anticipation as they slide behind the wheel.

We love that moment as well, and for forty years have devoted ourselves to achieving that satisfying outcome, every time.

The path to your new BMW begins the first time we meet, whether that's through our website or in our showroom. With your satisfaction as a top priority, our Client Advisors will provide information as detailed as you wish, and will guide you through each step of the process at a pace attuned to your comfort level. And because we have empowered them with a degree of autonomy rarely found in this business, decisions can be reached - and agreements honored - without the superfluous involvement of a manager. Many of our customers find that refreshing and liberating.

We believe we will meet all your expectations. Our inventory is comprehensive, our pricing competitive, and we have a broad range of leasing and financing options from which to choose. And when it's time to service your BMW under its incredibly comprehensive maintenance warranty, our factory-trained technicians will treat your car with all the skill and care it deserves.

We're delighted you stopped by our website, and while you're here we encourage you to check out our Inventory and our Special Offers pages. Should you find that BMW of your dreams, simply contact our Business Development Center (610-399-4189 or send us an email). They'll schedule your visit at our West Chester showroom, where you'll have the opportunity to learn first hand why BMWs are universally acknowledged as the Ultimate Driving Machine!

Lisa Thompson
General Manager