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  • Kyle Wendland
    BMW Technician

  • Matt Zook
    BMW Technician

  • Chris Clayton
    Service Manager
    (610) 399-4159

    There's a very nice symmetry to my long association with Otto's. I began my career at our BMW dealership in 1987, and except for a short hiatus, I have been part of the Otto's family ever since. My current position as Service Manager for BMW is perfectly aligned with my training, my personality, and my automotive passion. I have a great team of Advisors and technicians, and I can't imagine working in a more constructive, congenial environment.

    Cars have been at the center of my universe as far back as I can remember. My longtime dream was to build racing engines, but when I discovered the economic realities associated with that, I adjusted my goals and pursued extensive training in automotive and machine shop classes. After I graduated, I was referred to Otto's by a friend and got my first full time job as a shop technician.

    In the years since, I have served in a number of different positions within the company and always appreciated being able to combine my enthusiasm for our cars with my innate desire to help people. I have an empathetic nature, so even now as a manager, I'm always motivated to apply my mechanic's understanding of a customer's car to making sure we resolve whatever it is that needs attention. And because our clients are legendary in their attachment to their BMWs, they seem particularly appreciative of our efforts.

    I was born and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania and graduated from Radnor High School. I lived in Devon for a while but moved back to Wayne where I spend most of my free time sharing my passion for all things automotive with my two sons. The older one is now driving -hard to believe-  and enjoys working with me on my old cars. Like me, they both love sports and are really into lacrosse.

  • Sean Lyon
    BMW Technician

  • Olajuwon Davis
    BMW Technician

  • James Hicks
    BMW Technician

  • Amy Weldon
    Assistant Service Manager
    (610) 399-4184

    I realized early on that having a job was a good thing. I was 15 when I started working at a bathing suit store in Wilmington, Delaware, and appreciated the financial freedom my modest paycheck offered. I got an even deeper sense of satisfaction from my next position, which was as a teacher at the Educational Enrichment Center during the summer of my freshman year at college. Working with that class of ten kids taught me a lot, including patience. It was a lesson tailor-made for the occasional tough moments here in our service department.

    I was born and raised in Wilmington, and graduated from West Chester University in 2006 with a degree in business management. I came to Otto's in my senior year, having seen a flyer on campus promoting a position as receptionist at our MINI dealership. Since then I've had a number of different responsibilities, including receptionist on the BMW side, helping out in our Lifestyle Boutique, and now here as a Service Customer Associate.

    When I'm not setting up appointments or handling loaner vehicles, I'm behind the scenes helping process and scan repair orders. It's a nice balance that suits me. I like working with people, but I'm also happy going to my office and dealing with administrative duties.

    I grew up loving cars. My dad is a huge enthusiast, and I actually learned how to drive in his extremely hot Corvette convertible. BMW was (and is) one of his favorite brands, and he instilled that in me. I will have one the moment I can afford it.

    My husband is also very much into cars and used to race cars professionally. In fact, our first date was at a drag strip. I accompanied him on many occasions while he was racing, acting as his crew chief, torque wrench in hand. I love to travel. When Andrew was racing more, I was going with him every weekend, whether it was to Florida or Indiana or wherever. I went to California with my mom in 2008, just the two of us. That was fun.

  • Julie Nusspickel
    Alternative Transportation Coordinator
    (610) 399-8066

    I was born and raised in nearby Brookhaven, so being familiar with the area I saw Otto's as a reputable place to get my foot into the working world. I was hired as a receptionist but made it known I wanted to expand my responsibilities as those opportunities might arise.

    As it happened, it wasn't long before I was invited to join this department. I still smile at how little I knew about BMWs, MINIs, or cars in general, and yet found myself helping customers with their service issues. Naturally, I made a concerted effort to self-educate, and now I'm pretty comfortable with the terminology and basics of automotive maintenance and repair. And with my background in communications, I'm finding it easy to relate to customers and work with them on the phone.

    On my own time, I love being outdoors, and in the summer that means weekends at a beach house I share with friends down in Sea Isle. There you'll find me lying in the sun, playing volleyball, or enjoying the ocean. And when the weather isn't cooperating, I've been known to go shopping.  I'm enjoying helping our customers by doing what I can to create a totally positive service experience for them.

  • Megan Sherwood
    Service Associate

  • Sharon Corney
    Service Associate

  • Chris Obrien
    Service Associate

  • Jackie Basha
    Service Associate

  • Beth Manning
    Service Advisor
    (610) 399-4187

    It makes me smile to realize how far I've veered from my original life plan - and yet how pleased I am to be here.

    I was born and raised in Downingtown, and after graduating from high school, I enrolled in Delaware County Community College to pursue  business administration. After a couple of semesters, however, I realized I hated school and decided to become a cosmetologist instead. I had always enjoyed doing hair, so after getting the training and the license, I started working at a local salon.

    But my heart was elsewhere, and I decided to follow it. I had visited my stepmother in Minnesota when I was 18, and felt an immediate connection with that part of the country. It was so different from here. I didn't mind the cold, I loved the people, and being there felt so free. The opportunity to work for the Rocco Altobelli hairstyling chain, which is headquartered there, made the move irresistible.

    It turned out to be just as great as I anticipated - and I did really well - but life circumstances pulled me back to this area, and I started a family and have two beautiful children. I couldn't face having to build a client base again from scratch, so I broadened my job search and ended up working at a local car dealership as a receptionist. It wasn't long before they moved me into service, a position for which I had zero training or experience. But I caught on quickly and was surprised how much of a fit it turned out to be.

    After transitioning through several similar positions at other dealerships, I applied here in February 2008 and was brought aboard. I recognized immediately the advantages to both customers and staff of our more structured approach to service. There are greater challenges, greater expectations, and greater rewards for those who achieve their goals. It's an approach I appreciate because it brings out the best in me.

    I spend my off-hours with my family. As the opportunities arise, I would love to travel. I spent some time the summer after high school touring Europe, and I hope someday to have that pleasure once again.

  • Bill Cosenza
    Service Advisor
    (610) 399-8065

    There's something very symmetrical about being here at Otto's. Not only does it build on my 30-plus years of service in the automotive industry, but once again I'm in a family-operated business, which really takes me back to my roots.

    I was born and raised in the Rose Tree section of Delaware County and graduated from Penn Crest High School in 1979. Growing up, my parents operated a number of Amoco stations throughout the region, so it was a natural move for me to join them in the business. As a first step, I went through Amoco's Atlas service program, becoming a skilled, hands-on mechanic and certified as a state inspection technician. I followed up with a series of management training courses and ultimately was named vice-president in charge of administering and overseeing our various properties.

    Life was going well at that point, but things changed significantly when Amoco began demolishing or downsizing their stations, getting rid of their service bays in order to sell fuel exclusively. That decision - and new family priorities - led me to move into automotive service at the dealer level, first at a General Motors franchise where I worked as a Cadillac service advisor and assistant manager, and then at a Mercedes store here in West Chester.

    Both those experiences prepared me well for being here at Otto's. Not only did I gain an in-depth understanding of automotive service at the luxury level, I was also able to hone what others have described as my strong interpersonal skills.

    The fact is, I have always viewed clients as family, giving them the sort of guidance I believe best serves their interests. I am totally transparent when we're reviewing their repair or maintenance concerns, and they seem to appreciate my being their advocate. That sort of honesty is important, in my view, and it definitely leads to enduring customer loyalty.

    On a personal note, my wife and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in September 2011. We have a daughter and a son, and I love involving them in the wide range of outdoor activities I enjoy, including hiking, hunting, fishing, and boating.

  • Frank Adinolfi
    Service Advisor
    (610) 399-4156

    My fascination with fixing things goes back to my childhood when I first started taking stuff apart just to see how it worked. By the time I was fourteen, I began to join my dad out on the driveway when he did maintenance on our '77 Maverick. Every time he'd pop the hood, I'd peer into the engine compartment, fascinated. All those different parts just amazed me.

    After working in two independent full-service repair shops for ten years, I wanted to see what it was like inside a dealership. In ten minutes, I knew this the place was where I wanted to be.

    The appearance was very professional, and the staff was supportive. I saw a distinctly different way of communicating with customers.

    Because most of the cars we work on originally came through our sales department a service visit can have a big impact on a customer's overall impression of the dealership. We understand that. I really appreciate the one-on-one relationships I have with our customers, and I'm very pleased to be part of the process that keeps their BMWs running at peak performance.

  • Kevin Pinkerton
    Service Advisor
    (610) 399-4168

    I've always had a passion for cars. I remember back in grade school clipping photos out of magazines and collecting Matchbox® replicas. I wasn't focusing on particular brands per se; it was more about the designs that appealed to me, both domestic and foreign.

    I'm not surprised I developed this interest in automobiles early on, given some of the important influences in my life. My dad had a detail business from the time I was in kindergarten, and naturally, he used me as free labor. I have to say it was fun getting to see all those clean vehicles.

    I also spent a lot of time in my grandfather's garage, kicking around nuts and bolts. He was always working on cars - fixing one thing or another - and watching him, I think I just picked up that practice myself.

    I was born and raised in Coatesville, and went to a high school that stressed technical training. I took a number of computer courses but never really felt that was my calling. After graduation, I got a job at my uncle's gas station, which was also a five-bay service center. It was a great business, but after I'd been there about five years, he sold it and moved to Florida.

    From there I went to a Chrysler dealership as a service advisor. The transition from being under the lift getting greasy to interacting with customers was pretty easy, since I never really had the patience to work on cars on a sustained basis. I was there for about three years and then went back to an independent garage as a service advisor. From there, it was a string of dealerships until I came here, which was definitely the best move of all.

    I've found my clients really appreciate our responsive, "being-taken-care-of," family atmosphere. They know they can pick up the phone anytime and talk to us about anything related to their BMW. And because we try to maintain the individual client-advisor connection, we get to build those relationships over time, which is great.

    On the personal side, I'm married with two kids, a boy and a girl, and living locally here in Chester County. We're pretty big into RV camping - different places every time - and I also enjoy watching sports and playing softball. I do just enough work on my own vehicle to be dangerous.

    I've never been able to pinpoint a particular dream car for my bucket list, but having seen the BMW M6 Gran Coupe, that dilemma may have now been resolved.

  • Kevin Sherwood
    Service Advisor
    (610) 399-4154

  • Joe Izzi
    Service Advisor

  • Robert Johann
    Service Advisor
    (610) 399-4155

    I was raised in West Chester. As a kid I really enjoyed building things. I spent a lot of time outside. Looking back, it seems like I was always on my bike. It's interesting to me that even though I've never considered myself a "car guy" per se - I'm definitely not someone who had his head under the hood growing up - virtually every job I've had since I got out of school has been automotive related.

    I started out at a local domestic dealership where I was their rental manager and then became a Service Advisor. That was good experience for me. What I particularly liked about my time there was that I was empowered to make decisions to help my customers. At Otto's, that feeling of satisfaction continues.

    I've noticed that our customers seem to know a lot more about their cars than what I observed at other dealerships. And they really seem to care about keeping them in top shape. That certainly makes my job easier - and it's always more satisfying when an owner is motivated to get the finest care possible for his or her car.

    I'm married and have a young son. We live in a Victorian twin home, and I'm enjoying working on that. Our goal is to restore its best features - for instance, the hardwood floors and original moulding - while making it as comfortable as possible.

    I like to golf occasionally and have always enjoyed travel.

  • Steve Borden
    Shop Dispatcher

  • Dave Winnemore
    Shop Foreman

  • Dan Boeddeker
    BMW Technician

  • Hung Vu
    BMW Technician

  • Jake Zimmerman
    BMW Technician

  • Ryan Lamparelli
    BMW Technician

  • Drew Davies
    BMW Technician

  • Dave Pintar
    BMW Technician

  • Ralph Trego
    BMW Technician

  • Brian Lorang
    BMW Technician

  • Al Thomas
    BMW Technician

  • Dave Moyer
    BMW Technician

  • Dave Edwards
    BMW Technician

  • Mark Grayston
    Shop Foreman

  • Steve Dwyer
    BMW Technician

  • Ryan Reynolds
    BMW Technician

  • Ryan Bonjo
    BMW Technician

  • Ray Gordon
    BMW Technician

  • Dakota Bartol
    BMW Technician

  • Joe Braccia
    BMW Technician

  • Matt Kunz
    BMW Technician

  • Justin Goren
    Parts Manager
    (610) 399-8063

    I grew up in Baltimore and got my first job at 13 in a Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant where I started out doing food prep, and over the next five years, moved up the ladder to cook and then manager. I left in 1989 to enroll in Drexel University's film and video production program, but that experience didn't really match my expectations, so I left after a year.

    I wanted to stay in the Philadelphia area, and since cooking was something I enjoyed, I was happy to accept an invitation to help open the Central Bar & Grill in Bryn Mawr and serve as chef for three years. Ultimately, however, the long hours got to me, and that's when I turned to a field that had interested me since I was a kid: cars - especially fast cars.

    I had been reading about - and lusting over - exotic, high performance vehicles as far back as I can remember.  So when a friend of mine at Devon Hill BMW encouraged me to apply there, I took his advice, was hired, and after about six months, found myself in the parts department.

    Over the next 18 years, I worked my way through virtually every position in that department, and in the process, got to know Ed Danser, the parts manager at the time here at Otto's. When the moment came for me to make a move in early 2009, I was happy to accept his offer to join his team.

    I knew from a variety of sources that the management here is very forward-thinking and hands-on, always ready to try new initiatives and take on various BMW pilot programs. That kind of engaged, pro-active approach appealed to me and, as I've now seen first-hand, produces an efficient, well-run organization.

    At this point, my responsibilities range from waiting on customers at the front counter to handling more of the logistical, managerial matters like overseeing our inventory.

    On the personal front, I'm a single parent with two children. It's a challenge to mentor and mold them, but fantastic to have them around. There's nothing like unconditional love, especially from my young daughter. My hope is that the things I learned raising my son, who's now an adult, will be helpful the second time around.

    As far as unfulfilled dreams, I'd love to be involved with NASCAR at some point. Those drivers are amazing; my favorite being Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

    For vacations, we enjoy Cape Cod and make it a point to get up there with the whole family once a summer. It's a great spot.

  • Anthony Blubello
    Parts Advisor

  • Maurice Russ
    Parts Advisor
    (610) 399-4192

    I was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. My first significant work experience was in high school, helping out during the summer in our family-owned barbeque and Cajun Creole restaurant. After graduation my level of responsibilities grew until I was running and kitchen-managing the operation. That experience really gave me a respect for independent business owners, seeing what it takes to make their dream come true.

    By the mid-90s, it had become tough to find competent staff, and I eventually burned out. I got a position with Brooks Armored Cars as a sorter specialist in their coin room, which meant inspecting shipments from the banks, confirming the count, removing any foreign currency or tokens, and rerolling them for distribution. I was carrying around 25 to 50-pound boxes and bags of coins, the equivalent of lifting two tons a day. Needless to say, I was in pretty good shape at the time.

    Fortunately, my schedule at Brooks allowed me to stay active with my band. I had gotten involved with music right out of high school when some friends asked me to hang out while they practiced. At one point, they suggested I grab a mic. After a few songs, they told me that was my audition - and I was now their front man. We were pretty popular and played as far north as Boston and as far south as Virginia.

    I worked at Brooks for about eighteen months, until I finally realized this was probably not good for my body long term and began to rethink my options. Michelle Dewey, a friend of mine and salesperson for Otto's MINI, told me about an available parts position here at the BMW dealership. I applied and was accepted. My principle responsibilities are in retail parts, but I'm also the resident guru for recommending and explaining our wide array of accessories - everything from rubber floor mats to roof racks to multi-media adapters. I really enjoy assisting clients in customizing their BMWs to fit their lifestyle.

    I like the fact that Otto's was built on the American Dream, and that the owners are still actively managing it, making decisions not just for now but for generations in the future. Having worked in my own family business, I really respect that.

    My interest in music remains strong. I currently have a band that's toured widely and been reviewed in Europe. I also sing the national anthem for the Philly Roller Girls, one of the top roller derby teams in the nation. I can attest to the fact that I've never forgotten the words, but I have coughed in the middle of it, which is always a little embarrassing.

    I like to travel at least once a year, visiting friends in New Orleans or in the San Francisco-Napa Valley area. I'm currently living in Delaware with my girl friend and her four cats. What's interesting about that is that I'm a dog person - and allergic to cats.

  • Rafael Barrientos
    Parts Advisor
    (610) 399-4145

  • Randy Grace
    Parts Advisor
    (610) 399-4149

    When I was ten, I moved up here from Maryland to live with my dad, who was a technician for Chevrolet. After graduating from Sun Valley High School, I took a couple of construction jobs - which convinced me that was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My father had been a mechanic since he was fifteen, and I was always helping him work on cars. So when a friend of mine told me about an opening here at Otto's, I thought now's my chance to do something I've always enjoyed. It was the best move I ever made, and I hope to stay here until I retire.

    Having grown up around my dad, I understand the mindset of a technician, which helps me work more effectively with the guys in the shop. I also serve on the retail side and enjoy helping customers. I consider myself a straight shooter, and people seem to appreciate my direct approach.

    I've always owned Chevys because of my dad, but I definitely see myself in a BMW in the next few years. I've come to appreciate the car enormously and understand why so many people are passionate about them.

    Having our son was the best thing that ever happened to my Wife and I. I love spending time with them.

  • Robert Landenberg
    Parts Advisor

  • Jeff Kunz
    Shipping and Receiving

  • Richard Weller
    CEC Service Director
    (610) 399-8067

    I was an Otto's customer for seven years, during which time I had such good experiences that I eventually decided to apply for a job here. During that time I was a hotel manager in Wilmington, a position that taught me a lot about customer service.

    Because of my work I came here with a real grasp of what it's like to be on both sides of the counter: knowing what customers are looking for, being empathetic to their concerns, and understanding that it's sometimes difficult for them to articulate those concerns. I find I'm able to bridge the gap between our technical people and our customers.

    I've also discovered that the needs of customers in both the hotel and automotive worlds are pretty similar. They want to be listened to, they want to be understood, and they want to feel that they're talking to a human being who cares about their concerns and genuinely wants to be of service. At the end of the day, you want to feel like you've made a difference.

    A relaxing weekend for me is any place with a beach, blue skies, and friendly people. I like to travel quite a bit, and have been to Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. I'm always looking forward to another trip to a location where I can experience cultural diversity.

  • Marco Carrera
    CEC Service Coordinator
    (610) 399-4188

  • Patty Dement
    CEC Service Coordinator
    (610) 399-8070

    I was raised in a family that had a high regard for automobiles. My dad has been an active foreign car club member all his life. Growing up I used to go to all of the functions with him, and I can't remember a time when we weren't working on European performance cars. Dad was always in the garage, and I was always right there with him.

    I guess it's not a complete surprise, then, that I married a mechanic and that we spend much of our spare time either repairing and restoring our vintage automobiles, or participating in various races, rallies, or concours.

    As far as how my gifts and preferences match this job, I can honestly say it's a wonderful fit. I'm happy when I'm here. I love the interpersonal aspects, I love the technical side, and I really enjoy being a problem solver.

    The technicians are very cooperative and supportive. They understand the importance of getting the job done right - and that one of the keys to that goal is communicating with me so I can do my job well.

  • Vance Fritz

  • Eric Johnson

  • Mickey Angelilli

  • Jeff Hall

When we first opened our doors back in 1968, most of the few Americans who were aware of BMWs considered them rather exotic automobiles: intriguing to own but probably a nightmare to maintain.

We felt the best way to dispel that myth - and to build our business in the process - would be to create the finest BMW service facility in the Delaware Valley. Forty years later, underscored by the feedback and extraordinary loyalty of our customers, we know just how important achieving that goal has been in the growth of our business.

Those familiar with our West Chester dealership may find themselves smiling at our slightly different approach. Reminiscent of an earlier time, customers drive directly into our shop where they're met by their Service Advisor who goes through the entire check-in process right on the spot. Moments later, those choosing to wait are escorted to the Customer Lounge or; the others are on their way in alternate transportation. We like to think of the process as pleasant and personalized.

What remains consistent, of course, are the essentials:
  • BMW Accredited Master Technicians
  • BMW Accredited Service Advisors
  • An extensive BMW parts inventory
  • Cosmetic and detail services
  • Convenient evening and Saturday hours
  • Early-bird or late evening drop-off
  • Service Appointments via our Online Scheduling Portal
  • Loaner and rental vehicles
We understand how important it is to diagnose and deal with service issues quickly and competently, and as we grow, that will continue to be our top priority. We hope to see you soon - and look forward to serving you.

Chris Clayton
Service Manager