Monthly Message – August 2022

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Looking back over the past couple of years, one word seems to describe our response as a society to the pandemic: compromise. We relinquished personal liberties to obey government mandates, and adjusted our expectations in the face of relentless, widespread challenges. Here at the dealership, with the coöperation and understanding of our customers, we accepted the new reality, even managing to refine and improve our operations in the process.

Now that we’ve weathered the worst, we’re noticing our customers are fully embracing the return to normalcy. The need for compromise caused by supply chain issues, for example, has eased, allowing clients to select and take delivery on their favorite BMW, direct from inventory. Even custom orders are once again arriving in a timely manner.

So when only the best will do, we encourage you to go ahead and select the BMW of your dreams. Given their versatility, it’s no surprise that for many, that will be an X5 or X3. Both models are rolling into the dealership at a steady rate to fulfill existing orders as well as satisfy customers making decisions on the spot.

For those seeking the best among previously-owned BMWs, the news is equally positive. Whether you’re looking for a CPO or older model, there’s a very good chance we have it ready for prompt delivery. And as always, we offer an online (streamlined) process for those wishing to work with us remotely.

We’re delighted that once again, our customers and prospects have virtually unfettered access to their favorite Ultimate Driving Machine. And as you might have guessed, observing the smiles as we hand over the keys remains one of our greatest rewards.

A side note to golf enthusiasts: the BMW Golf Championship will be held at Wilmington Country Club August 16th through the 21st. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

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John Dallas Bowers

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