Monthly Message – June 2022

May 31st, 2022 by



For many of us, June is the ultimate feel-good month, where so much that’s positive comes together. We honor our fathers, we salute Old Glory, we mark achievement at graduations, and we celebrate and support those committing to the romance and responsibilities of marriage. And let’s not forget the summer solstice, marking the high point for those of us who wait all year for velvety evenings and sunsets that linger.

Whatever your plans for June and beyond, we here at Otto’s are prepared to assist. We have updated our Lifestyle Boutique to include a wide range of items to make grads and dads feel special. Click here to browse through our extensive inventory, looking for a gift that’s perfectly matched to your taste and budget. And whether you order online or visit our showroom, you’ll find we do everything possible to enhance and expedite the experience.

Heading out on the open road this summer? Your first stop should be our Service Department, where our factory-trained technicians will do a careful inspection of all essential systems, identifying issues before they reveal themselves at the worst possible moment. We know from experience that peace of mind is a priceless precursor to any perfect vacation.

After getting the operational all-clear, you may want to visit our Parts Department, which is replete with accessories designed to broaden your BMW’s ability to step up to any challenge. With a few practical enhancements, suddenly your luxury vehicle transitions to an upscale workhorse, with expanded storage inside and out — and with a towing package, the capability to haul almost anything.

Two closing good-news updates:

As you may have heard, inventory deliveries are inching back to normal, but the ordering option remains available for those who know exactly which vehicle they want. We encourage you to speak with one of our Client Advisors to discuss specifics.

And finally, we want to remind our “friends and family” of our extensive social media presence. We receive regular online appreciation for our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where inventory updates and dealership events are posted. We hope you’ll follow us and offer your support!

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