MONTHLY MESSAGE September 2017

Monthly Message - September 2017


So much has been written about the longevity and legendary popularity of the 5 Series that saying much more at this point seems a bit superfluous. After all, in its various iterations over the years, it has been the iconic anchor of the BMW line. For many, the 5 Series represents the perfect balance of performance and practicality, wrapped in a classic chassis that has inspired imitation even as it has frustrated competitors.

There's never a bad time to add a 5 Series to your automotive inventory, but this is definitely a GREAT TIME for those looking to save. Right now, we have special packages on our 20175 Series sedans and 2017 X5s. If you click through on those links, you'll find the details on each, the specific vehicles in inventory, as well as an opportunity to connect directly with one of our sales team. If it's after hours, we'll get back to you first thing on the next business day.

Of course the best way to shop for any of our BMWs is to come visit us at our expanded, redesigned, and completely renovated showroom. It was a two-year project that presented challenges along the way (thank you to our customers for your enduring patience!), but the finished product ­- if you'll pardon our pride - is really something to behold.

So we hope you'll stop by, have a cup of our freshly-ground-and-brewed Starbucks® coffee, and choose the just the right 5 Series BMW - at just the right time!

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John Dallas Bowers