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Gaining Traction For Ultimate Driving

Well maintained tires are essential for optimizing the handling, braking, safety, and performance of your BMW. Proper tire care on your BMW ensures safe travels especially during the transition between seasons. Performing seasonal tire checks, some which can be done at home, will ensure not only an ultimate driving experience but a safe one.

If you have any questions or find any warning signs from performing the checks below, please call the Otto’s BMW Service Department at 610-399-4178. At Otto’s BMW, we care about our customer’s safety, so when you schedule any service appointment, we perform a complimentary tire check on your BMW tires, including tread depth, tire pressure, and tire sidewalls. Click below to schedule a service appointment and ensure your BMW tires are road ready!

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Tread Depth. An important aspect to pay attention to on your BMW is tire tread depth, because as mileage increases on tires, the tire tread wears down. Tire treads are the only contact between your BMW and the road. Ample tread depth is critical in over all performance, which includes breaking. Tread depth should be checked seasonally, with Spring and Fall being two annual benchmarks for a check. A common tread test you can perform at home is the “penny test”. Position the penny up-side-down in between the tire treads, and if you see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s a warning your tire treads are low; however, recent AAA studies show a tire’s stopping effectiveness starts deteriorating at a tread depth of 4/32 inches. The “penny test” has been upgraded to the “quarter test”, which follows the same logic and practice.





Tire Pressure. Tire pressure can change with seasonal temperature fluctuations, and during seasonal changes, you might notice your tire pressure monitoring (TPM) light illuminate. Whether your TPM light displays or not, you should check your BMW’s tire pressure every other refuel. The driver’s side door jam lists the manufacturer’s tire pressure specifications. Having incorrect tire pressure could affect the performance and wear of the tire, especially handling and braking. Otto’s BMW offers free tire pressure checks, so if you are unsure about your tire pressure, please call our Service Department or stop by Otto’s BMW!





Tire Sidewalls. The sides of your tires can experience driving wear or damage. This occurs from contact with curbs, potholes, or unexpected objects in the road. You can perform an initial examination of your BMW’s tire sidewalls from the comfort of your home. Cuts, scrapes, punctures, or bumps are easily identifiable, so please remember to inspect sidewalls seasonally. If you see something irregular, schedule a tire appointment immediately!





Tire Age. Tire manufacturer’s specify when their tires age out, which means the tires should be replaced, even if they are not worn out. In order to identify the age of your tire, refer to the DOT stamping on the tire’s sidewall. The end of that DOT stamping will include a 4-digit number, which represents the date code for when the tire was manufactured. The first two numbers represent the week and the last two numbers communicate the year. If your BMW’s tire has the code 1219, that code would communicate your BMW’s tire was manufactured the 12th week of 2019. Please contact the Service Department of Otto’s BMW if you are unsure about your tire manufacturer’s suggested age for a tire replacement.


Please remember, while some of these checks can be done at home, the best way to ensure your tires are in motoring condition is to schedule a service appointment with one of the BMW Certified Technicians at Otto’s BMW! When you schedule any service with us, we perform a complimentary tire check on your BMW tires, including tread depth, tire pressure, and tire sidewalls.

You can schedule a service appointment online, just click here to schedule now!


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