Monthly Message - November 2018


Can we agree that at no time during the year does a seasonal transition seem so abrupt as right now? Only weeks ago, we were harvesting the last of the tomatoes and squash from our garden, and suddenly snow is in the forecast - with overnight temperatures in the low twenties! Virgil had it right:  Tempus fugit.  

It's a theme that has been much on our mind as we celebrate - and reflect upon - our golden anniversary. Just as we've watched our children grow and mature to become the third generation of family management, we've seen our West Chester dealership go through five major expansions and wall-to-wall renovations. It's been an eventful half-century, to say the least.

We'd like to celebrate this hallmark moment by offering wide-ranging pricing opportunities across our inventory. The most practical way to review the specifics is to click here and scroll through the options, model by model. And should you have any questions, you can call, drop us a note, or initiate a live chat to connect with a member of our Genius team.

Shifting topics slightly, we traditionally use this particular monthly message to highlight a wide array of gift and gear options found in our LifeStyle Boutique. It's a shopping assist which customers seem to appreciate, and we encourage you to check out our 2018 suggestions and recommendations:

o Motorsport Collection - Sporty jackets, shirts and various items in red, white and blue.

o Montblanc for BMW Collection - when only the best will do!

o M Performance - a varied selection of items with the iconic M logo

o Activewear Collection - For the outdoor/active BMW owner - vest, hats etc.

o Ladies leather tote & mens wallet - at an appealing price point!

o Perennial favorites - our BMW Bear and Baby Racers 

Finally, we're offering up to a $3000 holiday credit on select new car models. Click here to read the full details - but you must take delivery before November 30, 2018! 

Copy by:
John Dallas Bowers