Monthly Message – September 2019


When the conversation turns to BMWs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by superlatives. After all, “Ultimate Driving Machine” sets the bar pretty high. And yet to the delight of our customers — and the consternation of our competitors — each new arrival in our showroom seems to exceed even our own enthusiastic expectations. The latest example? The 2020 BMW X3 M.

Keep in mind this is a vehicle most will purchase for its luxury and practicality, and yet it’s the performance, precision handling, and pure power that have astounded the automotive press and put grins on the faces of those taking it out for a test drive. It truly manages to deliver the best of both worlds.

The headline in Car & Driver doesn’t hold back: “The 2020 BMW X3 M is yet another physics-defying Super SUV.” The review details how, with key components from the mythical M5 and “the most powerful production BMW six-cylinder ever made…this X3 offers better response than many sports sedans did only a decade ago.”

MotorTrend gets specific:  in its Competition configuration, the X3 M manages 0-60 in 4.0 seconds and an unfettered top speed of 177 mph. Clearly these are numbers to be appreciated in the imagination (or by an expert on a track), but they do remind anyone behind the wheel of BMW’s racing heritage and winning ways.

With the arrival of more amiable temperatures and the deep blue skies of fall, we’d like to remind our readers that this is a perfect time to bring one of our convertibles into your life. There’s nothing quite like drop-top driving as the leaves begin to change and the countryside is awash in color. You’ll never feel younger or more content behind the wheel.

And finally, we’re pleased to announce our Lifestyle Boutique is now pre-stocked for the holidays with new items for BMW-lovers of every age and interest. Take a look here online or browse our showroom the next time you stop by.


John Dallas Bowers