Monthly Message – May 2019


One of the wonderful things about May is that it marks the end of all seasonal uncertainty: winter is definitely gone and warm weather is the assured new norm. Vacation plans that were only hypothetical a couple of months ago are now hard-wired, with reservations made and deposits placed. Life is good — and about to get better!

In that spirit, we’re running a SPRING FLING SALE May 7 – 11, 2019. All new in-stock vehicles will be available at the sort of aggressive pricing that will turn your “if only” into “yes, absolutely!”

At this moment, we have an ample inventory across the range of models. If you’ve dreamed about it, we most likely have it in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Judging from customer responses to date, we anticipate great interest in the new 5 Series and X3s. Both are tailor-made for the recreationally-minded, and can accommodate gear in abundance and passengers in supreme comfort and safety.

For our part, spring means looking for any reason to be out and about in one of our BMW convertibles, especially the Z4 and 8 Series. With the top down and nothing between us and the Chester County countryside, simple errands become mini-escapes from the cares of the day. Never has there been a shorter, surer way to feel younger and fancy-free. This transformation is something you can confirm for yourself with a simple test drive. We look forward to facilitating that someday very soon!

John Dallas Bowers