Monthly Message – October 2021


If you’re searching for a new automobile — and we hope it’s a BMW — you’ve probably discovered for yourself the disarray in the current marketplace. Dealership inventories have been impacted by factors beyond their control, most having to do with supply chain issues. The delays in getting critical parts have thrown a monkey wrench into production schedules, which has meant far fewer cars arriving at the dealerships.

But there is good news for our customers. Those with a clear idea which BMW model they’re seeking can simply place an order with one of our Client Advisors, thereby securing a place in the queue, and assuring them the most prompt delivery possible. We’re finding this system is working well, and the feedback we’re getting is encouraging.

So if you’ve decided this is your moment to brighten your life with a factory-fresh BMW, there’s no dealership better equipped to make that dream come true than Otto’s. You can contact us here on our website, give us a call, send us an email, or optimally, stop by our showroom for an individually-brewed cup of Starbucks coffee and a lingering look at our inventory.

October always lulls us into forgetting about the weather that’s on its way, but the fact is, this is the time to prepare your BMW for winter. The best way to do that is to scroll through our comprehensive selection of Parts and Accessories tailor-made for your vehicle:

  • Cold Weather Wheel and Tire Sets — With dozens of wheel styles and tire types to select from, you’ll be able to marry form and function, enhancing your BMW’s safety and performance under the most challenging conditions.  Also, from now until December 31st, 2021, receive a mail-in rebate worth up to $100 on select BMW Tires.
  • All Weather, All-Season Floor Mats — Whether you prefer rubber, leatherette, or embroidered carpeting, our floor liners and mats are designed to custom-fit your BMW.
  • Cargo Accessories — Choose from among an array of mats and liners to protect both luggage and vehicle interior.
  • Roof and Storage Systems — Pick your sport and BMW has a means for carrying the equipment with style and security.

Copy by:

John Dallas Bowers