Monthly Message – July 2021


To one degree or another, most of us get attached to our automobiles. Even if we acquired them with largely practical priorities in mind, it’s inevitable that those tens of thousands of miles behind the wheel will have created a bond of familiarity — and even affection. BMW owners in particular are renown for this sort of enduring connection.

But life brings changes, which can trigger all sorts of re-evaluations. Suddenly that third car that made sense when the kids were home, is now largely idle in the driveway, an expense and inconvenience with no hope of real return.

At that point, you know it’s time to say goodbye — and we’re here to help with that transition.

Right now, Otto’s is actively seeking previously-owned vehicles to replenish our inventory, and are prepared to consider any car in reasonable condition. Of course our main focus will always be BMWs, but we welcome all makes and models for our inspection and possible acquisition.

The process is quite simple, and we’ve streamlined it to fit your convenience and, as always, to honor our commitment to customer and workplace safety. When you click on this link, you’ll be taken to a page which offers detailed information, starting with an easy-to-use online tool to establish its trade-in value. With that in hand, simply bring in your car for our appraisal, which you are free to accept or use a starting point to reach a negotiated settlement.

This is a moment of great opportunity. We encourage you to bypass the expense and uncertainties associated with private sales, and contact us today.

Copy by:

John Dallas Bowers