Monthly Message – Year End 2021


Here we are once again at the moment of transition, when we pause to reflect on the past twelve months and prepare for the year to come. If 2021 has been any guide, we’ll no doubt face an array of challenges and opportunities, and with the support of our dedicated staff and legions of loyal customers, we’re prepared to engage the future with our usual resilient optimism.

We certainly wish for a return to conditions that only several years ago were considered normal — and even predictable — but we’ve learned that predictions can fall short and expectations go unrealized. What we ARE able to offer is our commitment to remain faithful to the principles and practices that have guided our dealership so reliably for over a half-century.

So let’s enjoy this holiday, with its spirit of hope and exhortations of good will to all. May you — and those close to you — have a healthy, prosperous, and deeply satisfying 2022.


Copy by:

John Dallas Bowers